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Bad Roofers- How To Avoid Them

Bad roof plumbers or roofers, are a nightmare and a huge issue for the industry and the unsuspecting home owner. The amount of jobs we’ve been to, to fix poor roof plumbing works is scandalous. The following list is to try and help spot a bad or inexperienced roof plumber.

  • They are not qualified or have completed an apprenticeship in “roof plumbing”- ask to see the builders licence and turn card over to see what they are actually allowed to do.
  • They over charge and under deliver- or at worst don’t deliver at all
  • They are at the other end of the scale – too cheap and are cutting corners on actual work performed or quality of materials
  • They don’t care about you as a client
  • They don’t respond to your calls or emails in a timely manner
  • They don’t return to complete your job
  • They ask for too much money up front and expect to be paid in advance for works not completed
  • They don’t explain clearly what is involved in the job and how long it will take.
  • They don’t supply a fully written quotation proposal with full terms and conditions.

My best three tips for getting the best roof plumber for your job are

  1. Get three quotes – even for small jobs and meet with the roofer at your home and have a face to face meeting
  2. Make sure you view their builders licence and that they are licenced to actually do roof plumbing works
  3. Get them to explain what they are proposing to do and get a fully written quotation proposal with terms and conditions

Best of luck getting the best roof plumber for your job

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