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Colorbond Roofing Installation

Colorbond Roofing Installation—Quality Work at Minimal Price!

There’s a few good reasons why Colorbond roofing installation has become increasingly popular in Australia. Firstly, Colorbond is made up of five layers: a steel base, metallic coating, pre-treatment, primer and a topcoat of exterior grade baked paint to finish. As a result, it’s deemed one of the most durable roofing materials due to its non-combustible nature. This is ideal for the harsh Australian climate, with 39 council designated bushfire protection areas scattered throughout SA. Colorbond is also known for great thermal efficiency, with Thermtech technology available to reflect the Sun’s heat. During the Summer months, this is an effective way to reduce energy bills and heat stress degradation. If you’ve been looking for a roof replacement that offers increased protection, added street appeal and money-saving benefits, talk to Olde Style Roofing & Guttering about Colorbond roofing installation today!

Why Colorbond?

The benefits of Colorbond roofing installation don’t stop there, which is why we often recommend this option to our clients. For those who are more sustainably conscious, Colorbond is 100% recyclable. Therefore, if you choose to make changes down the track your steel sheets can be repurposed around the home. To give the durability claim premise, Colorbond steel is backed by 50 years of research and testing conducted by multi-national company: Bluescope. The aim was to create a material which could withstand the impact of the Australian sun, and this was successfully achieved through accelerated laboratory testing. Because the product is so confidently praised by builders, roofers and customer alike, Colorbond offer warranties on all of their products for added security. Cleaning and maintaining your roof is also made easy, with only a simple hose spray necessary to remove dust and bring back the high-quality modern finish. For all these benefits and more, arrange your Colorbond roofing installation with Olde Style Roofing & Guttering.

The Olde Style Roofing & Guttering Way

Olde Style Roofing & Guttering are proud to offer Colorbond roofing installation Adelaide. We only use the most trusted Australian materials for added quality assurance, and we back this by offering a 10-year warranty on our workmanship. Value for money, quality work and customer satisfaction are central to our ethos, and we demonstrate this throughout every project. Old Style was established in 1989 by Darren Fraser, and the business has since moved to the forefront of the roofing and guttering industry in South Australia. Having developed during a time where the internet was less prevalent, we continue to prioritise traditional one on one communication with our clients—which we believe to be more effective. We’re passionate about providing opportunities for South Australians, so all of our workers are employees within the business. For a high-quality, no-nonsense service with warranted results, Olde Style Roofing & Guttering are the team to conduct your Colorbond roofing installation!

Our quality workmanship combined with the durability of Colorbond steel is a recipe for success when it comes to roofing. We approach every job with integrity, and it’s extremely gratifying to see how transformative our work can be! Call 0412 836 392 to arrange your Colorbond roofing installation.