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Renovating Your House

When you decide it’s time to renovate your existing house or you’ve just bought an existing home with the intentions to do it up – there are a few steps or golden rules you should follow.

  • Do it yourself is ok – as long as you’ve got the time and some experience – it’s not ok if the job your doing is supposed to be carried out by a licensed contractor – such as electrical and plumbing. Roofing can be carried out by the homeowner- but if you don’t know the basics and don’t have the necessary safety equipment (fall harness – correct ladders – scaffold) it can be a costly and sometimes life changing experience- so don’t risk it – get three quotes.
  • It’s tempting to start the renovation process from the inside and progress to the outside of the building – and for works that need to be carried out inside the ceiling space – such as electrical or plumbing – this is ok. But replacing ceilings – painting etc- should be carried out after working from the top down outside. Reason is if the roof or gutters are leaking they will stain either of the exterior or interior of your house or worse can actually undermine the structures integrity- so get the roofing and guttering/ stormwater fixed first along with plumbing and electrical.
  • Renovating a house is a big time consuming job and can cost a fair amount of money- the end result is almost always nearly worth it- but if you get in poor trades it can break relationships and cost you in your savings- always set up a budget on what you’re going to spend – a plan of attack on what and when things are to be renovated- take time outs along the way- take photos of the improvements along the way to remind yourself of what you started with and where your now up to. Celebrate milestone stages you’ve set and remember a house is only a house – it’s the people inside and how they all get along that makes it a home.

Best of luck on your renovations

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